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Anti-Racism Statement

TESL Canada is comprised of, and supports the active expression of, different voices, identities, cultures and worldviews. This is part of our identity as an organization. The TESL Canada National Board knows that Black Lives Matter and Indigenous Lives Matter. We stand against racism, discrimination and injustice in all their forms, and commit to reviewing our policies and practices with an anti-racist lens and to promoting anti-racist pedagogies. We ask that our members continue to hold us accountable in this commitment.



TESL Canada Journal


Call for Proposals: 2022 Special Topic Issue


The TESL Canada Journal (http://www.teslcanadajournal.ca) is soliciting proposals from prospective guest editors for the 2022 Special Issue. The TESL Canada Journal is an open access, refereed journal for practicing teachers, teacher educators, graduate students, and researchers. As the federally funded flagship journal of the TESL Canada Foundation since 1984, its mandate is to publish articles that contribute to the advancement of the teaching and learning of English and French as second languages in Canada; second language teacher education; and the maintenance and development of minority, heritage, or Aboriginal languages. All published articles receive DOIs and are archived by Portico and LOCKSS.


The TESL Canada Journal (TCJ) publishes one (or two) Special Issue per year (in the late autumn) and two regular issues. Special Issue topics are selected by the Journal Advisory Committee.

Guest editors are responsible for the review process and the selection of content. Special Issues are published online only, on the TESL Canada Journal open access website (http://www.teslcanadajournal.ca). Recent Special Issues include the following:

2021 - Plurilingualism and Translanguaging: Pedagogical Approaches for Empowerment and Validation

2020- Corrective Feedback in Language Teaching and Learning: Connecting Research and Practice

2019- Language and Higher Education, 2) Building capacity for 21st century digital ELT            practices

2018 - The Shifting Landscape of Professional Self-Development for ELT Practitioners in Canada

2017 - Formulaic Language in English Language Acquisition and Teaching

2016 - Refugees in Canada: ESL for Resilience and Empowerment

2015 - Language Assessment in Canada: Critical Issues and Research Agenda

2014 - Task-Based Language Teaching and Learning

2013 - Teaching and Learning Pragmatics in TESL

2012 - Generation 1.5 in Canada: Multiple Perspectives on a Shifting Demographic Landscape

2011 - Ethics in Cross-Cultural, Cross-Linguistic Research

Please include the following details in your proposal:

  1. Proposed title
  2. Guest Editor(s), Affiliation, Contact information
  3. Rationale for a Special Issue on this topic (including its current relevance to TESL in Canada) (maximum 4 pages; please place references at the end of the proposal)
  4. Overview of proposed contents: a brief description of the theme, with topics to be included
  5. List of possible contributors and proposed means of soliciting submissions (including conferences)
  6. Qualifications of the Guest Editor(s) (including previous related experience and familiarity with the TESL Canada Journal)
  7. Proposed timeline for Fall 2022 publication
  8. References

Please submit your proposals to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by September 15th, 2021. In the subject line, please insert “TESL Canada Journal 2022 Special Issue Proposal”. Please direct questions regarding proposals to Farahnaz Faez at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Antonella Valeo This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TCEF Fall Professional Learning Grants Available for TESL Canada Members

Members, please note that there are two professional learning grants currently open for application! Applications for the professional learning grants are due October 1st, 2021. See details, including application forms, on the TESL Canada Educational Foundation page.

Resources from Dianne Tyer's January 19, 2021 webinar Review of  Professional Standards for Teachers of ESL: Perceptions of Different Stakeholder Groups

TESL Canada Secondary Analysis of Survey Results Presentation

TESL Canada Standards Literature Review

Additional reports are also available by email request (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Feb. 24, 2021

Dear Members,

Somehow, we have made it to the end of February and we are now setting our sights on spring. It has not been an easy winter with the pandemic still in our midst and very cold weather in many parts of the country. I trust that you have all been coping with the situation and staying well.

This winter message brings with it another excellent issue of TESL Canada Connects, edited by our new PR and Outreach chair, Amrita Gill, and a community member from this committee, Aiman Syed. We are grateful for these two TESL MB members for their contributions to our wider TESL Canada community and for putting together this uplifting and newsy edition. Please take a read; you won’t be disappointed. It features both stories from members and newcomer stories. Also included is information about the TCEF grants as well as links to spring conferences.

As is evidenced in this newsletter, the TESL Canada volunteer board continues to be hard at work both in our own provincial organizations and on behalf of the TC members. Moreover, we do wish to gratefully acknowledge our sincere appreciation for on-going contributions from our membership (e.g., serving as community members on committees, contributing to professional learning initiatives). Working together is the key to a vibrant professional association. Additionally, our two part-time office staff continue their support of our organization, especially in terms of the careful management of certification and accreditation.

Please look for forthcoming information on webinars and further details about spring conferences through emails, our website, and social media. If you have an article or idea to contribute to TESL Canada Connects or you would like to send in a webinar proposal, we welcome such contributions.

Again, we are sending our warm wishes to you all. We look forward to our continued positive communications and collaborations.

Paula Kristmanson-President

Don Moen- VP