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Who We Are

TESL Canada Federation is the national federation of English as a Second Language teachers, learners and learner advocates. TESL Canada's mission is to promote excellence in the teaching and learning of English as a second or additional language in partnership with its constituent provincial and territorial associations, and like-minded national and international organizations.

TESL Canadians are your neighbours, classmates, colleagues, employers and teachers . We live along the front line of settlement integration, providing academic, vocational, sociocultural and linguistic instruction, cross cultural counselling, labour market access and citizenship training and multicultural liaison in both the workplace and the community.

TESL Canada members are defined as those individuals who are members in good standing of TESL Canada's provincial/territorial ESL organizations.


TESL Canada

PO Box 30001 RPO Prospect Plaza
Fredericton, NB Canada E3B 0H8
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Social Advocacy

TESL Canada advocates on behalf of those who require assistance regarding language and settlement issues. We provide organisational, technological and pedagogical support for language training programs and assistance in the establishment of like-minded associations in jurisdictions where none exist.

The TESL Canada Bulletin, a summary of news and views from our provincial members is published and distributed twice yearly.

The TESL Canadian Education Foundation was established in 1991 to ensure that guaranteed funds are available for bursaries, scholarships and advocacy work. The Foundation is currently in the process of building an endowment fund.

Scholarly Activity

The TESL Canada Journal, established in 1984 and published twice a year, is a fully refereed journal that publishes articles dealing with diverse aspects of English language training, including syllabus design, psycholinguistics, teacher training, computer assisted learning, testing and evaluation , applied linguistics, methodology and curriculum design.

The National Conference and Learners Conference is held regularly and co-hosted by one of our provincial associations, these conferences foster scholarship, networking, research and the regular exchange of ideas among those involved in English language teaching and learning.

Provincial and Territorial Associations

Members of the following associations are also members of TESL Canada (residents of all other provinces and territories must join separately):

6-102 Education North
University of Alberta 
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2G5
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TESL Saskatchewan
Box 21107, Saskatoon, SK
S7H 5N9
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TESL Manitoba 
c/o Manitoba Teacher's Society 
191 Harcourt Street 
Winnipeg, MB R3J 3H2

New Brunswick
55 Magazine St., #513 
St. John, NB E3K 2S5

Memorial University of Newfoundland 
ESL Program 
St.John's, NL A1B 3X9

Nova Scotia
TESL Nova Scotia 
PO Box 36068 
Halifax, NS B3J 3S9 
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Institutional Affiliations

CAAL/ACLA (Canadian Association of Applied Linguists)

IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language)

JALT (Japan Association of Language Teachers)

KOTESOL (Korean Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages)

CSSH (Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities 2010)

SPEAQ (Société pour la Promotion de l'Enseignement de l'Anglais, Langue Seconde, au Québec)

TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages)

ThaiTESOL (Thailand Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages)