TESL Canada Board consists of Executive (4 positions) and Elected Director (5 positions). The length of term is one year. Please note that nominees may be nominated for one or more positions. A list of positions and responsibilities can be found here.


Nomination Requirements:

  • All nominees must be current TESL Canada members.
  • All nominees must be nominated by 2 current TESL Canada members.
  • All nominees must sign the Nomination Form which includes a “consent to be nominated” clause.
  • All nominees are asked to submit a brief biography and statement regarding the TESL Canada Board. The maximum length is 50-100 words. They are also encouraged to include a recent photo.  This information will be included in the nomination slate posted on the election website. 

Submit the completed Nominations Form to Paula Kristmanson, Past-president and Nominations Committee Chair at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and copy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please attach your biography and picture for posting on the election website. The deadline for submissions is September 29th at 11:59pm PST. Your email is confirmation that you agree to run for a position(s) on the TESL Canada Board 2023-2024.



Policy on Board Membership and Responsibilities (2012)

Policy: All elected-directors are normally expected to chair a minimum of one TESL Canada Committee, and to actively participate as members of a minimum of two additional committees. Active participation means both contributing to committee discussion and voting on motions a committee may put forward from time to time. The assignment of committee chair duties to particular directors should be made on the basis of existing TESL Canada policy, or in the absence of policy, with reference to the most immediate past precedent.

A change in the assignment of committee chair positions can be made upon a majority vote of the board so long as such a vote does not violate any policy currently in force. If an elected director no longer wishes to chair the committee to which they have been assigned by the Board or past precedent, a change in assignment before the end of the director’s term of office can only be made through appeal to the Executive Committee. If the Executive Committee does not agree to reassignment of a committee chair, the only recourse will be for the director in question to resign his/her board position.

These normal expectations of elected directors also apply to the past-president during his/her first term in office. Appointed directors are expected to meet the requirements of the provincial/territorial memorandum of understanding. 

In the event that an elected director has been inactive in all official board communication for a period exceeding six months, he/she is assumed to have resigned, and his/her position becomes vacant. He/she is also prohibited from running for re-election at the AGM immediately following the term in which the position was vacated.

Please visit the TESL Canada Website www.tesl.ca for general information about TESL Canada.