TESL Canada Transition FAQs



Please note we will update these FAQ’s regularly, as information becomes available.


  • Is the TESL Canada head office still open?
    The head office is open under minimal operations until Nov. 15th and then it will be officially closed. The current staff is in the process of closing down operations. We ask for your understanding as they manage this difficult task.
  • I have tried calling head office and cannot get though and/or I have sent an email to head office and have not received a reply- how do I contact TESL Canada?
    The phones are not being answered at head office at this time. To contact the office, please use the Contact Us from on our website. Staff are aiming to respond messages but expect a wait time of several days. Consult these FAQ’s for answers to questions you may have.


  • Is TESL Canada processing any new Teacher Training Program Recognition (TTPR) applications?
    No, TESL Canada is not processing any new applications. TESL Canada is in the process of seeking out other options for TTPR and will inform members as soon as this information is available.
  • Is TESL Canada going to finalize TTPR renewals and new complete applications that are currently in process?
    Yes, staff is working to bring these ongoing files to a close prior to head office closure. This includes the review of any annual reports that have been submitted.
  • If my program has recently been renewed or approved, will I still receive a certificate?
    Yes, all certificates will be mailed prior to the office closure.
  • Are current TTPRs still valid?


  • Is TESL Canada accepting any new teacher certification applications?
    No. TESL Canada is not processing any new applications at this time. TESL Canada is in the process of seeking out other options for individual certification and will inform members as soon as this information is available.
  • If I applied for certification prior to October 13, will I still receive my certification?
    Yes. Your application will be processed and if qualified, you will receive your certificate in the mail, along with your original documents.
  • Are current teacher certifications still valid?


  • Is my current TESL Canada membership still valid?
    Yes. Also, all non-direct members are also members of their provincial organizations.


  • Is TESL Canada Journal still operating?
    Yes, the TESL Canada Journal has editors and is funded by a SSHRC grant and will continue to publish issues as long as editors and funding is in place.


  • Is the TESL Canada conference in Vancouver still going ahead?
    No, TESL Canada has had to make the very difficult decision to cancel the Vancouver conference. No proposals are being accepted and the conference will not take place.
  • Is the TESL Canada board still in place?
    Yes, the TESL Canada board remains in place. A board meeting will be held by November 15th, 2017 to discuss the current situation.
  • Is TESL Canada making every effort to ensure transparency with respect to its current situation?
    Yes, the current TESL Canada board is doing everything possible to ensure honest and respectful communications with its members during this very challenging time. We continue to ask our members for their support and patience.