Conference History

Elevating Language Learning to New Heights

Conference 25 - Oct 29-31, 2015 Lake Louise, AB
Guest Speakers: Douglas Biber, Stephen Downes, Crayton Walker

Land of Living Languages

Conference 24 - May 8-10, 2014 Regina, SK
Guest Speakers: Suresh Canagarajah, Sara Cushing Weigle, Margaret Early

TESL Interiors: Landscapes of Language and Literacies

Conference 23 - Oct 11-13, 2012 Kamloops, BC
Guest Speakers: Steven Pinker, Michael McCarthy and Penny Ur

Standing Corrected: Fluency, Accuracy and Reality

Conference 22 - May 28-30, 2011 Halifax, NS
Guest Speakers: Michael Swan, Roy Lyster

Weaving Pathways: Intercultural and Language

Conference 21 - Oct 1-3, 2009 Banff, AB
Guest Speakers: Dr. Bonny Norton, Lionel Laroche, PhD, PEng

Uncovering Discourse

Conference 20 - May 29-31, 2008 Moncton, NB
Guest Speakers: Scott Thornbury, Jeremy Harmer

Landmarks & Landscapes

Conference 19 - Oct 19-21, 2006 Winnipeg, MB
Guest Speakers: Dr. Anne Burns, Macquarie University, Dr. Hetty Roessingh, University of Calgary

Building a Profession: Building a Nation

Conference 18 - May 26-28, 2005 Ottawa, ON
Guest Speakers: Elana Shohamy, Tel Aviv University, Karen E Johnson, Penn State University

Connecting Communities: Inspirations and Aspirations

Conference 17 - Nov 13-15, 2003 Vancouver, BC
Guest Speakers: Mary Ashworth, Professor Emeritus, UBC, Carol Tator, York University, Rebecca Oxford, University of Maryland

Catch the Dream

Conference 16 - May 16-18, 2002 Regina, SK
Guest Speakers: David Nunan, Virginia Sauv

Changing Faces: Facing Change

Conference 15 - Sep 23-30, 2000 Halifax, NS
Guest Speakers: Diane Larsen-Freeman (Vermont, USA), Jim Cummins (OISE, Toronto)

Meeting the Millennium

Conference 14 - May 13-15, 1999 Banff, AB
Guest Speakers: Dave Sperling (California, USA), Jill Bell (York Univ., Toronto), Jan Wong (Toronto)

World Skills: Language & Living 

Conference 13 - Nov 7-9, 1997 Victoria, BC
Guest Speakers: David Nunan (Univ. of Hong King), Stephen Krashen (Univ. of S. California, USA), Mary Ashworth (UBC, B.C.)

Linking the Nations

Conference 12 - May 10-11, 1996 Winnipeg, MB
Guest Speakers: JoAnn Crandall (Maryland, USA), Marianne Celce-Murcia (Los Angeles, USA)

Networking for the ‘90s

Conference 11 - Nov 24-26, 1994 Toronto, ON
Guest Speakers: Rebecca Oxford (Univ. of Alabama, USA), Fred Genesee (McGill Univ. Quebec), Mary Ashworth (UBC, B.C.)

Tradition & Change

Conference 10 - May 13-15, 1993 Halifax, NS

Part of the Picture!

Conference 9 - May 2-4, 1991 Saskatoon, SK
Guest Speakers: Mary Ashworth (UBC, B.C.), Diane Larsen-Freeman (Vermont, USA), Gill Sturtridge (Reading, UK)

Language Development in the Canadian Community

Conference 8 - Nov 2-4, 1989 Calgary, AB
Guest Speakers: Dick Allwright (England), Jean Handscombe (North York Board of Education), Shirley Brice-Heath (Stanford), Mike Torbey (Nottingham, UK)

Conference 1988

Conference 7 - Jun 15-18, 1988 Quebec City, QC

Pacific Perspectives

Conference 6 - Mar 12-14, 1987 Vancouver, BC

Conference 1985

Conference 5 - Nov 21-24, 1985 Toronto, ON

Language: The Key to Canadian Living

Conference 4 - Feb 9-11, 1984 Winnipeg, MB
Guest Speakers: Richard Allwright, Stephen Krashen, Sandra Nicholls, Frank Smith

Conference 1982

Conference 3 - Nov 11-13, 1982 Alberta
Guest Speakers: Susan Davis (UNHCR), Keith Johnson (UK)

Conference 1981

Conference 2 - Mar 12-14, 1981 British Columbia

TESL Canada’s First National Conference

Conference 1 - May 23-27, 1979 Montreal, QC
Guest Speakers: S. Pit Corder (Univ. Of Edinburgh,UK), Evelyn Hatch (Univ.of  California, USA), Gerald Neufeld (Univ. of Ottawa. Can)