IMPORTANT: Please note delivery services such as Purolator, FedEx, etc., do not deliver to post office boxes. Do not send your documents by courier. Canada Post Express is a viable option. If you still require courier service, you must contact TESL Canada prior to sending. Thank you.

TESL Canada Membership

TESL Canada Direct Membership 

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Or Member of Provincial Affiliate (please check with your provincial TESL organization to verify if they are currently affiliated with TESL Canada. If they are not at the present time, a direct membership is needed)

TESL Canada International Membership (Available for individuals living outside of Canada)

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TESL Canada Professional Certification Application Forms

TESL Canada is currently offering a "provisional certificate" if candidates are not able to obtain a practicum at the present time. The provisional certificate can be upgraded to a full certificate once practicum hours are completed.

Certification Application Forms

TESL Canada Teacher Training Recognition Application Forms

Teacher Training Program Recognition Application (New Programs)

Teacher Training Program Recognition Renewal Application

Teacher Training Program Annual Report Form (Form B)

Teacher Training Program Staff Form (Form F)

Teacher Training Program Annual Report with Interim Status Report Form (Form A)

Teacher Training Program Accreditation Manual

TESL Canada Short Online Specialized Teacher Training Course Accreditation Application Form

TESL Canada Journal

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Conflict of Interest


TESL Canada Board Nominations

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