TESL Canada Recognized Teacher Training Programs


There are many high-quality TESL training programs across Canada dedicated to preparing prospective English language instructors for the challenges of teaching within Canada and abroad. TESL Canada has developed a recognition system for programs which meet the standards for TESL Canada Recognition. The goal is to ensure that instructors receive the best training so that they are able to provide ESL learners in a wide variety of settings with excellent instruction.

TESL Canada List of Recognized Teacher Training Programs

The guidelines outline the requirements in the categories of facilities, resources, qualifications of personnel, institutional accreditation, program content and assessment processes.

The TESL Canada National Program Recognition Standards represent a teacher-driven initiative to create basic, minimum national standards. Some provinces currently have their own program recognition systems in place, and since national and provincial standards for recognition may differ, potential instructor trainees should consult provincial websites to ensure the TESL Canada list is accepted provincially.

TESL Canada recognition of a teacher training program is based on an evaluation of the program's submitted curriculum, instructional staff, facilities and resources in place to prepare teachers to enter the TESL/TEFL profession. The recognition process does not include an evaluation of a program's business practices. Therefore, TESL Canada recognition does not imply TESL Canada approval or endorsement of a program's business practices. 

For more information on TESL Canada Teacher Training Program Recognition please review the Explanation of Standards and Application Form, as well as the Teacher Training Program Recognition FAQ.

Awarding TESL Canada Canada Teacher Training Program Recognition

Policy & Procedures / Reviews & Appeals

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