Policies & Procedures / Reviews & Appeals

A) Explanation

There are two types of reviews with respect to the recognition / approval process for recognition by TESL Canada. The procedure for an Application Appeal applies to an application that has not been approved within the six-month window of the first adjudication result. TheSite-Visit Appeals procedure is applicable only to the results of an actual site visit.


B) Application Appeal

In the stage of the application process, if an application has not been able to satisfy the adjudicators request for additional information in the timeline permitted, applicants may request a second review of a declined application. The intent of this review is to provide applicants with the opportunity to supply additional information and/or documentation with respect to the application and to have the application reviewed by an additional review team.


1. All applicants are informed, in writing, of the results of their application by the Executive Director (ED).

2. An applicant requesting an additional review is required to send written notice of the request for the review to the ED within fifteen (15) working days of receiving official notification of a declined application. 2

3. Complete details of the review including any additional documentation are to be forwarded to the ED within thirty (30) working days of the notification of request for an additional review. The information is to be accompanied by a review fee of $250. (non-refundable).

4. The ED will assign an adjudicator who was not part of the initial review to conduct the additional review.

5. The ED informs the applicant, in writing, of the date on which the review is scheduled. The Applicant is notified, in writing, of the results of the review within fifteen (15) working days of the review.

6. The results of the second review are final. Unsuccessful applicants may elect to apply at a later date no less than one year from the date of application denial.

7. With respect to applicants who elect to re-apply, applications are treated as new applications and evaluated accordingly.

C) Site-Visit Appeal

Site-Visit appeals are applicable only to the results of an actual site visit.

Procedure to Set Up an Appeal:

1. Programs are informed, in writing, of the results of their site visit by the Executive Director (ED).

2. A program that has their recognition revoked as a result of the site visit has the right to appeal the decision.

3. A program wishing to appeal a decision is required to send written notice of the intent to appeal within fifteen (15) working days of receiving official notification of its status.

4. Programs are required to send complete details pertaining to the appeal to the ED within thirty (30) working days of their notice of intent to appeal.

5. There is a non refundable fee of $750 for the appeal which is to be submitted with the details pertaining to the appeal.

6. Upon receipt of the details of the appeal and the applicable fee, the ED requests comments, in writing, from the evaluator(s) who conducted the actual site visit.

7. The ED nominates members to the Appeal Committee. The nominations are forwarded to the Standards Committee for approval. 3

8. Appeals are reviewed by an Appeal Committee consisting of three (3) individuals, none of whom were part of the site visit and/or application review process. These individuals may include:

  • A member of the Standards Committee
  • An independent expert in the field of language acquisition
  • An adjudicator not involved previously with the application
  • A current or past TESL Canada Board Member who has served in the capacity as an appeal evaluator
  • The ED sits on this committee in an ex-officio capacity and acts as secretary to the committee

9. The program requesting the appeal is notified, in writing, of the composition of the Appeal Committee by the ED. In the event that the appellant objects to a member of the committee, the objections including full reasons must be submitted, in writing, to the ED fifteen (15) working days of notification of the composition of the appeal committee. The decision to replace or retain nominated members will rest with the Chair /Co-chairs of the Standards Committee. This decision will be final.

10. The date of the appeal is determined by the ED in consultation with the members of the Appeal Committee and the appellant. If the appellant causes an unreasonable delay in the scheduling of the appeal, the Chair / Co-chairs of the Standards Committee will decide on the date of the hearing. This decision is final.

11. The appeal may be conducted by teleconference meeting, email correspondence, and/or site-visit.

Procedure for an Appeal:

1. The appeals committee considers and reviews the following:

  • Copies of the initial application and related documents
  • The report on the actual site visit • Any related documents submitted by appellant program
  • Written comments by the evaluator(s) responsible for the site visit
  • Any other relevant documents
  • Note: reports from other accrediting bodies will not normally be considered to be applicable

2. All documents to be considered are forwarded to the appellant program at least five (5) working days prior to the appeal.

3. The appellant may provide additional verbal explanation during the appeal or clarify any items as requested by the Appeal Committee.

4. Within twenty (20) working days of the date of appeal, the Appeal Committee makes its decision known, in writing, to the TESL Canada Standards Committee. TESL Canada informs the appellant of the decision through ED within thirty (30) working days of receipt of the report from the Appeal Committee. This decision is final.

Additional Specifications:

1. The program maintains its status as a TESL Canada Recognized Teacher Training Program during the appeal process.

2. Where an appeal is upheld, the member program continues to maintain its status as a TESL Canada Recognized Teacher Training Program.

3. Where an appeal is rejected, the program’s recognition is revoked; the program’s status is updated as revoked on the TESL Canada list of Recognized Program and it must cease to use the TESL Canada logo in its publicity materials and marketing.

4. After twelve (12) months of the appeal, the program may re-apply for recognition. In such cases, it is treated as a completely new applicant.